Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.
1. What is Ezrent all about ?
2. How do I list my vacancy for renting out ?
3. Where can I find my listing ?
4. Why doesn't charge any fees ?
5. Where is my personal information ... ?
6. What is the greatest feature of Ezrent ?
7. When is my listing deleted from the database ?

What is Ezrent all about ?

Ezrent is a quick and easy way for landlords or property managers to write out a classified ad advertising their vacancy. It costs absolutely nothing to either list or search and is free for life. To list your vacancy, you have to register and registration is free. offers an extremely fast and precise search engine for use by the prospective tenants. The search fields comprise of the most important criteria that influence a tenant's search, viz. Date of availability, location, rental cost, number of rooms and Type of accomodation.

This service will be of advantage to both the tenants and landlords.

Please note, however, that Ezrent is a community service website and does not endorse the listing entities or parties. You have to do your own research to validate the genuineness of the Ezrent users before entering into any kind of landlord-tenant agreements with any persons listed on this website.

How do I list my vacancy for renting out ?

It could not be simpler. Just register first with your unique email address, user ID and password. Then list your vacancy. At this point there is no maximum on the number of listings you can own, as long as you use your genuine email address and password for  listing all of them.

Where can I find my listing ?

Once you have successfully added your listing and it has been accepted by the system, you can use the search engine to check if it appears in the system. Just make sure to add the correct available date (month and year) and 'Type of Accomodation'.  

To broaden your search and for showing ALL the available units you should specify 

1. a minimum number of bedrooms (e.g. 0 or 1) 
2. maximum amount of rent that you can afford (e.g. 9999) and 

3. City == ALL. 

However, to narrow down your search search, enter the exact number of bedrooms, exact rent you are willing to pay and the correct City name.


Why doesn't charge any fees ?

Ezrent is a completely FREE to use service. It is FREE to list your vacancies (for the landlords) and FREE to search for the tenants. This website is dedicated to the community and its wonderful people who search for homes for their families. We hope that by providing the community with such a service, many fruitless hours labor searching through rental magazines can be saved.

Ezrent is proposed to be a sponsored website and its running and maintenance costs are covered by the companies who wish to display an Ad banner on Ezrent. Therefore, the costs are not transferred to its users. It will be free for life for the users.

How secure is my personal information with ... ?

Your personal information is kept safe with us. We do NOT need any financial information from you, like credit card numbers, etc. But we need your valid email address to register you. We have the strictest security policies in effect and we do NOT sell or disclose your personal information to any outside 3rd parties.

When your listing is displayed in the search results, your name, email address and contact phone number will be also displayed with the listing.

What is the greatest feature of Ezrent ?

For any great website, its greatest feature is its search engine. This is what we have done here. Your searches will return exactly what you want. Ezrent search engine is a powerful Perl based engine that parses through text databases which makes it ultra fast.
The search fields comprise of the most important criteria that influence a tenant's search, viz. Availability date, location, rental cost, number of rooms and Accomodation type.
If you have any suggestions or comments, we would like to improve our quality of results so please send us your ideas.
If you would like us to add other options to the search criteria please write to us.

When is my listing deleted ?

Your listing automatically disappears from our database 120 days after its availability date. This means that you do NOT have to manually delete it. Neither do you have to re-list it.

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